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20 July 1977
Ohio, United States
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Gorham Fayette High School - Fayette OH (1989 - 1995)
Four County Career Center - Archbold OH (1993 - 1995)
Northwest State Community College - Archbold OH (2009 present)
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angels, animation, antiques, art, astrology, atlantis, batman, billy boyd, black and white photography, books, brian froud, broadway, celtic music, charlie pace, chocolate, comic books, dark knight, david bowie, deviantart, digital artwork, discovery, disney, dominic monaghan, dragons, drawing, dreams, dreamworks, egyptians, elijah wood, elves, elvish language, faeries, fan fiction, fantasy, frodo baggins, hayao miyazaki, heath ledger, hellboy, history, history channel, hobbits, hollywood, icon making, icons, j.r.r. tolkien, johnny depp, kurt halsey, labyrinth, legend, lemuria, lisa jane, lord of the rings, lost, meatloaf, meriadoc brandybuck, middle earth, movie soundtracks, movies, mr. tumnus, music, narnia, nature photography, new york city, oahu, perigrin took, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, poetry, quenya, reading, samwise gamgee, sean astin, short stories, sweeney todd, the 80's, the joker, the shire, tim burton, travel, viggo mortensen, why so serious, worth1000, writing, x-men

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